ROVER 2000 TC/3500

"...driving the 2000 TC is so good that it should be reserved for people of taste, breeding and documented automotive enthusiasm."

CAR and DRIVER May, 1966.

"... putting it on like a comfortable, old sweater."

CAR and DRIVER May, 1966.

"Comfy as old slippers"

The Motor.

“...almost every characteristic is triple-distilled Solihull quality”

Raymond Mays, Motoring Life 1968

The old Rover 2000 TC was Arden Green with a Tan interior.


As I was a-Roving, a-motivatin’

Back in town,

I saw a concert poster with

Wilko Johnson’s name and image.

New Musical Express once informed me that:



Back in London 1979 I was at the Hammersmith Palais when Elvis Costello, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and the poet John Cooper Clark held a concert there.

So now I got to go to a gig I wanted to go to back then, listening to the Wilko Johnson Band, 1986 in our local music pub. Three of us were discussing Rover clutch bearing symptoms on the way in. Days later I would break the diff-pinion being outdragged by a Honda Goldwing.


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Espen's 3500

If ever a car beckoned you to have fun, this is it. If you’re too old for fun (like Byron when he vowed to “go no more a-Roving”) you’re too old for a Three Thousand Five.

Raymond Mays, Motoring Life 1968


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ROVER 2000 TC/3500

ROVER 2000 TC/3500