Haugaland Veteran Car Club



CarBar and Haugaland Veteranvogn Klubb are separate entities, but I was one of the founding members in 1974 and an active member until 1985. This page is about those years.


Jan and Øyvind Vestre started a veteran car collection and Arvid Johannessen soon gathered enthusiasts in the area. My first memory of them was when they inspected a neighbour’s Nash, a cream coloured Ambassador Sedan 1951-52 with a pink roof. They recognized me as the guy with the old MG. Per Magne Robberstad was kind enough to put my name on the members’ list before his. That was how I got into the affair of local car clubbing.





Jensen Interceptor in bits



Vestlandstreffet 1983, Nedstrand Meeting



Kopervik 19-eighties


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