Erik Herman Ljung, Swedish Dragoon, who after 1905 became a coachman at the royal stables in Oslo.


In 1915 he got his automobile driving licence, here third from left.


Private Coachman in the "Kitchen Wagon" of an industrial leader in Sauda, Norway.


Erik Herman Ljung's first taxi in Sauda. Dodge 1923.


With passengers.


Slettedalen, Sauda. Now a water reservoir for a power dam. Dodge 1923.


Chevrolet Six. He founded a bus company 1925, sold on by the family in 1993.


Erik Herman Ljung also ran a taxi service. Here with his Dodge.


Here Erik Herman Ljung is outside his home with his 1936 Dodge, grandchildren and a Studebaker bus.


Erik Herman Ljung had a larger engine installed, 105 hp.


As a young family we bought this low mileage 1976 Dodge Tradesman 300 fire brigade van stripped of siren, blue lights and ladders but with a 318 ci V8.



No wonder this Dodge driver now owns the red Land Rover Discovery here on CarBar. The connection back to her great grandfather on top of this page is that he was an early member of the Norwegian Automobile Association, from 1925, his son Arne was a member, his son-in-law was and she is also a member. One family line since 1925. Before that Erik Herman Ljung was a KNA member (Royal Norwegian Automobilklubb).


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