20 years as an Apple User

The iPad Pro 12,9"...

The iPad connects to its external keyboard by circles and pins, The Sony Net MD  connects to seemingly nothing , but strengthens the locking mechanism. Styling is superficial imitation.

...and the disappointment

There is a high point near the plastic insert where the glass is likely to break with any furter bending of the case. This is a metal point at a sharp angle to the glass.

USB-C bottom.

Pencil side.

Design is architecture; upholding the arch with lines and angles.

On this iPad Pro 12,9 the support lines for the circled corners seems to be broken by plastic inserts.

The Droop seems to have developed in use by holding the iPad, and so is likely to develop further. Like Steve Jobs said, “Hold it Different!” or use a case. The case here is the flimsy keyboard and the glass screen. The glass holds the metal!

The aluminium body is held near-straight by the glass, but the glass is bending with the aluminium. At some point it will either crack og pop off the frame, which for now gets its strength from the glass.

There is no margin between the aluminium case and the glass, so any further warping or tortion from normal use will strain the glass and likely crack it.

The straight-edge I used is Apple’s Magic Trackpad. To Apple it is Magic. To me it is a straight edge manufactured to industry standards.

The dark round holes are speaker grilles. They are almost 2 mm across, for perspective. High and low points deviate by up to three millimeters. This is Apple’s own chosen design as they have not contacted me with a replacement offer.

Apple Inc already knows they have sold me an iPad that may be bent.

The information on this web-page is available to Apple Inc as from Monday January 7th 2019.

Apple Support Exchange and Repair Extension Programs do not mention this issue. Apple community blogs mention the subject in general terms and Apple has responded in a confusing manner.

This is not chosen and planned design, it comes from warped minds.


Apple has aknowleged warping of the 12,9 iPad.

Bent is the New Normal.

Bent is the New Design.

Bent is for your own good, iBent, iWarp.

Broken may become the New Design.

Touchy Pad.

See the old style MacBook Pro 17" below, another casewarper, but with a newer model designer solution, the unibody.

The First Apple Watch

iMac Bondi Blue

Macs were too expensive to buy, but at work I could use a Pizzabox, Hartmut Esslinger striped, early Power PCs, Classic black and white, Classic colour, Powerbooks 140, 170 and the All-Black Powerbooks. All this was available to me because of a colleague who had the Knowledge for Macs. Personally he had Ataris. ST, STe, STe 030, Falcon 040 and a portable Stacey 4 so I stretched my economy to add to my mother-in-laws cash price to those of us who quit smoking; to buy the original iMac six months after Steve Jobs introduced it. People would come home to me just to see it!

Events after fifth year:

Graphics card stopped working.

Used the iMac on a PC monitor.

Power supply stopped working.

Old Ataris and old Windows PC had to fill in for it.



MacBook Pro 17” late 2006

I chose the 17” to have a portable workstation, not a laptop or a travel companion. The design had one major flaw; the aluminiumcase would bend, it drooped away when holding it in one corner, much like the new iPad Pro 12,9. The droop is the bane of design gurus. My father-in-law was a retired accountant. When I wanted to show him the beauty of spreadsheets I lifted the machine to place it on his lap. During this lift from dining room table, command-A and space bar were activated and deleted everything on screen. The accountant shook his head to both clear it and express disapproval of this marvellous new computer. He used Parker pens.

Now the MB Pro 17” sees only light use, batteries recirculated and the soft, Intel-waferthin aluminium bodywork disconnected electronically from the magnesium chassis. I am sure Jony Ive knew that this combination of inner strength and pliable outer interface was a poor solution. This is why the next MacBook Pros were cut from one piece of aluminium.

Timeline after fifth year:

Screen developed dark misty streaks.

Screen went black during reading.

Sent for repair. Warranty rejected because “owner crushed 2 screen lamps”

New screen ordered by repair shop but not used to replace my screen. Who got that 17” screen?

Changed graphics card myself for the price of travelling to the repair shop.

Both screen lamps were fine and still are.

MacBook running fine for years, except for batteries:

Original batteries:

Computer became wobbly on table from batteries swelling.

Replacement batteries:

Lasted a week and the computer displayed error messages about that battery. It was sent back to “Batterispesialisten” for replacement but they denied any knowledge of having received a defect battery from me.


iMac 2011 basic model

Bought second hand and easily the most reliable Apple product in my basket. When I had started the upgrade to the High Sierra operating system, a dialog stated boldly that the OS could not be installed. The machine did not return to any kind of startup. It was OS-dead. Thanks to CCC I was fine for backups. Apple had listed this iMac as compatible with High Sierra, the OS installer had checked that and started installing. The old OS, Sierra, was deleted from the harddrive, and only then the installer decided the new OS could not be installed. There was no Mac OS on the harddrive, no Sierra and no High Sierra. Praise be CCC and backups!



I bought the application when the price had come down, but Apple had probably taken the decision to stop development at that time. What I learned was to never trust Apple because they will not tell its customers what is going on. I moved to Adobe Creative Cloud so I will not have to rely on Macs only, Microsoft Windows OS has wasted more of my lifetime than Mac OS, but it will run Adobe CC when Apple won’t.



from models 3 through 6 had serious battery issues but were otherwise fine. iPhone 7+ and X are the greatest tools ever.


iPad 3 Retina

This is the thing that got me reading more than ever before. Apart from one “emergency room situation” it has been reliable. It is parked on OS 9 and a few apps I use regularly are not compatible any more. I have a great pension plan for it. It will sit alongside my 2006 MacBook Pro 17”. Will I buy a new one or is the new iPad along with the Apple Watch a Luxury Waste? See above.


Apple Watch Promotion Tour

I bought this jewel in the Apple Store in Covent Garden, London in 2015, 6 months after its introduction to the world. We were in London to see Benedict Cumberbatch in Hamlet on stage at the Barbican Centre, and for a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. The summer was good and the strolls in the park were soothing. My wife said that she would gift me the Apple Watch if only I could give in to my wishes. Two and a half years later, after a meaningful relationship on my wrist, I felt a Kolibri-fluttering under my shirt sleeve. Unbuttoning the shirt sleeve, I saw The Glass Face dangling from the 42mm stainless steel body, suspended by its flexible connector. I thought it was the wellknown swollen battery issue, but Apple denied any warranty. When I got the watch back from the service center, an American Apple Watch owner had filed a class action lawsuit for Apple Watch faces popping out of their cases. So if it wasn’t the battery, it had to be the glue. Its original Venetian Leather armband had deteriorated after one year of wear and structural weakness in its construction. With space touted as a design challenge it was interesting to see that there was relatively large empty spaces on two sides of the battery, presumably for the battery to expand into; only that the battery would actually morph into a pillow shape and push on the face; not fill into the Expansion-space Jony Ive had left for it.  The scientific designer-glue has failed for two flaws, battery swell and for no particular reason at all, as per Apple. Maybe the tension of the glass is the reason for the pop-action. It is just not up to the job.

This is not good for a premium luxury product. The Watch lived its last year strapped to my wrist with an Apple plastic armband that was the same colour and feel as my wife’s Crocs. I was quoted a repair cost from an independent Apple retailer of 3000 kroner, half the price of the watch in the Apple Store in Covent Garden, London. Latest series 3 models are advertised second hand for the price of that repair quote. AppleCare warranty would have cost me the same over three years. So I will wait a while until I give in to my flutters again. There is also a 6-years expected life warranty on electronic goods, a case I believe Apple fought against the state of Italy, and consequently the EU. Apple lost.

My full dress was an iMac, an iPad, an iPhone and an Apple Watch. That is just the basic Apple Garment.

Claiming your 6 years warranty rights on the rich is so exhausting. I feel that I need to tone down The Apple Experience. It costs more time, money and applied energy than I want to give. Quite like the total Microsoft Windows Mental Exhaustion Experience. Computers have been very much in line with my interests and work since I was shown the software on the original MacIntosh in 1984 or 1985.

Denying warranty is so easy! That is why they all do it and we have to scrap useful computers of all shapes.

We Are Your Jewels, Apple... Whatever you mean by that!


My bill to Apple for buying and owning the Apple Watch, to be payed no later than thirty days after this posting:

Initial study of problem, 2 hours.

Trip to Apple dealer, 1 hour.

Texting with Apple service provider, picking up Watch from post office and paying for the service, 10% of original cost of Apple Watch. 2 hours.

Studying conclusions from Apple and local service provider, 1 hour.

Planning and recording video, 6 hours. More like 6x6 hours.

12 hours in all. My overtime charging rate is kr. 2000 per hour, slightly more than a car dealership will charge for oil service and light repair. That is 24 000 kroner, plus the initial price of 6000 is 30 000 kroner, or 5 Apple Watches with nice armbands. Apple can’t afford to pay me this equivalent of a MacBook Pro, or a Big iMac. So they deny the facts.

I bought The Apple Watch to check up on my heart rate. It broke my Heart.


Conclusion is that my AppleWatch is of no interest to Apple.


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